List of Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Business or office lockouts
  • Lock repair or replacement
  • New lock installation
  • Mailbox replacement
  • Safe lock repair
  • Safe lock opening
  • Opening file cabinets lock
  • Digital locks installation and reprogramming


How long does it take for a locksmith to get to the business?

A commercial locksmith Fort Lauderdale can reach you within 15 to 30 minutes depending on how far you reside from a local locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths are most of the time on the roads.

Do I need to know what type of locks the business has?

Locksmith Fort Lauderdale has professional locksmiths who can instantly detect the lock problem, evaluating the service you require. It is not necessary for customers to have a special knowledge on business locks. Though the lock services history helps in assessing the lock issue, it is not necessary.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

The Fort Lauderdale Locksmith will thoroughly examine the lock and asses the time required to resolve the problem. It will take 20 to 30 minutes for a locksmith to provide the traditional business lockout. The lock opening time also depends on the lock mechanism, as well as methods and tools used by the locksmith.

Will the office’s lock be damaged?

Locksmith services Fort Lauderdale are safe and the worker uses the duplicate key to open the lock if it stops working. However, if you mishandle the lock, it may damage and would need a replacement. The commercial locksmith can easily replace any type of business lock.

Will open the company’s safe damage the property inside?

The professional locksmith Fort Lauderdale is trained enough to handle the safety lock. The technician knows how to open the safe lock without any damage using the latest tools. Your office documents will remain secure during the process.

Will open the company’s safe damage the safe?

The 90% of safe will get damaged during the unlocking process even if the locksmith uses excellent tools. It is recommended to replace the safe so you can have a secure storage. We can also open smart safes having new technology.

How much does a professional office locksmith cost?

The commercial locksmith Fort Lauderdale cost depends on the scope of work and the type of service. Most of standard home locksmith services cost $15; the office lockout service cost begins at $35; the mailbox and cabinet change cost begins at $35; new lock installation starts at $35; office lock replacement starts at $35, and the safe lockout service cost begins at @65. You can visit the commercial locksmith web page to see the prices of various services.

Business & Office Lockouts

If you are locked out of office or shop or any other commercial space, call an emergency locksmith Fort Lauderdale instead of breaking the window or door. We have experienced team of locksmiths who can open any lock. Don’t put your business at risk but secure it with durable locks and security devices. We have latest techniques that help us open the hardest lock without harming your property. Most of the business places have locks with pin and tumbler mechanism having a bible, key pins, plug and such lock is hard to open but locksmith Fort Lauderdale has skilled technicians who can easily open it. Our locksmiths use a tension wrench to open such lock. Only experienced technicians know how to use the tension wrench.

We also use a bump key to open the pin and tumbler lock but poor technicians can damage the lock if they lack skills. Our locksmiths know how to use every tool for lock opening so they do not harm the lock or door. Sometimes the lock does not respond to bumping and it requires drilling. Smart key locks are also very common in offices and the Fort Lauderdale locksmith has advance skills to open a smart lock. Whatever type of lock you have, you can call us because we are expert in unlocking any mechanism.

New Lock Installation

There is a problem with the lock that is beyond repair, better replace it so you and the staff remain safe. It is easier to handle the deadbolts, but replacement of the doorknob locks is difficult. The commercial locksmith Fort Lauderdale has new tools like a catch, spanner, and the follower for the knob locks. The catching tool removes the knob and old lock and new lock is installed. The entire process of disassembly and reassembly needs focus and skills that our locksmiths have and they do it without damaging the door.

We ensure our customers that the new lock will open and close without any difficulty.

Mailbox or Cabinet Change

Office cabinets and mailboxes are always in use and they are so vulnerable to damage. The expert team at locksmith Fort Lauderdale can fix any lock or key problem for a cabinet. We can change the lock; can install the new lock to your cabinet or to the mailbox. Even your desk may have a problem with the lock and your important stuff is inside. A door lock and cabinet lock have a difference in mechanisms that our technicians understand well. Most of the offices have two keys for their cabinets or mailboxes but if the key gets broken, or you lose it somewhere, contact us for 24-hour locksmith Fort Lauderdale and get the issue resolved.

Safe Lockouts

A safe is not only important for homes to keep the precious jewelry but offices also need it to secure their documents. During safe lockouts, the office owner often has fears that the valuable stuff will get damaged while unlocking. The Fort Lauderdale locksmith values your property or documents and provides the locksmith services that ensure a flawless process. Most of the office safes have a combination lock system that is hard to open because it has wheel packs. Negligence can damage the stuff inside the safe but our workers effectively open the lock without harming the safe and the valuables.

Every safe has a different lock system and we are familiar with all mechanisms including the digital lock system. The advanced safe locks are very complex and they are extremely strong. Most of the times you need to replace the safe with the new one but your valuables stay safe while unlocking. Contact an experienced commercial locksmith Fort Lauderdale for all services being described here.