List of Auto Locksmith Services

  • Car key replacement
  • Car key retrieving service
  • Car lockout
  • Key cutting
  • Key extraction
  • Car Key duplication
  • Car key reprogramming
  • Transponder key programming service
  • Ignition cylinder repair or replacement
  • Ignition switch repair or replacement
  • Ignition rekey service
  • Car door unlock
  • Rescue services for car lockout drivers
  • Luxury car locksmith services


How long does it take for the automotive locksmith to get to me?

Locksmith Fort Lauderdale sends an auto locksmith within 15 to 30 minutes of customer’s call depending on location. Availability of the mobile locksmith service will resolve your problem within minutes. All our locksmiths can well communicate with customers to provide the best services. The faster you call us, the quicker locksmith service you will have within minutes.

Do I need a specific auto locksmith for my make and model?

Fort Lauderdale locksmith can open any car lock independent of the model. All our auto-lock technicians have skills to use the advanced tools for opening the latest and old car models. Our locksmith can even open the lock of a classic car.

How long does it take a locksmith to open my car?

The locksmith services Fort Lauderdale are fast because the locksmith can immediately assess the problem. Generally, it will take 5 minutes for a technician to help with the car lockout. The provision of a new car key will take time depending on the type of key. The technician will inform you of the exact time for the auto locksmith service.

Will my car be damaged?

Have no fears about your car because the auto Locksmith Fort Lauderdale has years of training in this area. We ensure safe services and you will not have to face any damage. Our main focus is on providing the best auto locksmith services with zero harm to your car.

How much does a professional auto locksmith cost?

Fort Lauderdale Locksmith brings multiple services that involve the different scope of works so the prices vary. A standard auto Locksmith Fort Lauderdale costs$15; car lockout service begins at$35; car key extraction service begins at $65; car ignition replacement service starts at $95; the cost of the duplicate car key starts at $120. You can access our website to see the cost details for all our services. We also offer locksmith services for various vehicles, including trucks, vans, and motorbikes and you can call us to get the price of your desired service.

Car Lockout

Whenever you are locked out of the car, don’t try to open the lock in a wrong way as most of the drivers do. This is the time to get a professional help and there is no better place than Locksmith Fort Lauderdale that uses the modern tools to unlock the car. You may become a victim of the car lockout if you dropped the keys somewhere by an accident, left the car keys inside the car, or broke the lock. We use the latest lock opening techniques and brand new tools. People often consider the Slim Jim an effective tool for lock opening but this is only suitable for upright locks. The technician uses different methods to open the lock with Slim Jim depending on the car model. The locksmith moves the tool between the weather strips where the Slim Jim unlocks the car by hooking the lock.

The auto Locksmith Fort Lauderdale has a vast experience in using the Slim Jim that needs accuracy because the car door has various electronic mechanisms including the wires that may damage if not handled carefully. We also use wedges and we have them in different sizes and shapes to use on various car models. We use the latest wedges that cause zero harm to the vehicles and the Fort Lauderdale Locksmith efficiently does the job. The wedge supports the main tool that unlocks the vehicle from inside. The technician uses the Lasso tool with the wedge if the lock is in an upright position. A small Lasso opens the car lock by grasping it and pulling it upwards. If the car does not have an upright lock, the technician uses a rod for pushing the buttons.

A 24-hour Locksmith Fort Lauderdale service is available to unlock the car. We also use special tools that can open the lock without a wedge. For example, we use the latest Japanese tools for unlocking a Japanese car. The Japanese tool is placed between the windowpane and the weather strip that opens the thumb type locks from the other side of the glass window. The entire process shows that how effectively we open the car lock without harming the door. Locksmith Fort Lauderdale also has tools for GM cars, like the Auto Buster that works like a Japanese tool with a slight difference that it works on sliding locks on the side of the door. The shape of the auto buster tool is different than the Japanese tool. Feel free to contact us whenever you are locked out of the car.

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